I am participating in an amazing new project called Day Zero.

I created my own list of 101 things that I want to do.  Some of them I’ve already done and would love to do again.  Some of them are practical things that always slip my mind, but really need to be done.  Some of them are things that I’ve only dreamed of doing.  Some are things I didn’t even realize I wanted to do in the first place.  I took suggestions from my friends, from the kids, from Husband, and from other people participating in the project.  Making my list was harder than I expected it to be, so much of my life is focused on doing things for the house and the kids and the family that it’s hard to make a list that is only about me.  But I struggled through, worked on the list for about a week, and finally finished.

The best, most genius part of my list are the money parts.  For every goal I complete in time, I will put $10.00 into savings.  For every goal that I don’t achieve, I’ll donate $10.00 to charity.  Worst case scenario, I’ll donate over $1000 to charity in small increments over the next three years.  Best case scenario, at the end of those three years, I’ll have a nice little nest egg, an emergency fund that we’ve talked about wanting to build but have never been able to.  The military isn’t exactly a well-paying gig if you just look at the cold, hard cash that comes in.  Fortunately, they balance that out with a housing allowance (and utility allowance for those of us overseas) and free-for-the-most-part health insurance, which we would not be able to get in the civilian world.

Anyway, my list of 101 things.  Like I said, some are things I’ve done before and want to do again (I always forget that I love Lemon Meringue Pie.  I’ve made one once, and I should really do it again).  Some are practical, but easily pushed aside as something that can be done “later” (a mole check).  Some make me giggle because they’re corny, but still important to me.  One such example is “Watch fireworks with my husband.”  Husband has been deployed for the past three summers in a row.  He’s missed so many Father’s Days that the kids have given up on ever celebrating the day again.  The last time he saw Boy #3 blow out his candles, he was 4.  And he always, always, always misses 4th of July.  Notice that the list covers nearly three years, so even I doubt the Military’s ability to keep Husband at home over the summer.  But a girl can dream, can’t she?

I will continue to update my list on the Day Zero website, but I’m going to go ahead and put it here, too.  Setting realistic goals and then working to meet them is one of the most difficult things to do for so many people, and sometimes it’s helpful to see someone they know doing it.  We’ll use it as a teaching moment.  That and I know you will all hold me accountable.

Here’s the list:

  1. Organize upstairs cabinets
  2. Ride the London Eye
  3. Finish school
  4. Hit my fitness goals
  5. Find a dress for my brother’s wedding
  6. Have a Christmas tree decorated only in handmade decorations
  7. Run a 5k
  8. Go to Paris
  9. Make everyone in my house matching pajamas
  10. Ask 20 friends to suggest a book, and read them all
  11. Read all the books I own but haven’t read yet
  12. Kiss in front of the Eiffel Tower
  13. Get a mole check
  14. Go vegetarian for a week
  15. Get a full body massage
  16. Try and finish 5 ideas from Instructables
  17. Make a list of 100 reasons I love my husband
  18. Kiss someone in the rain
  19. Send a handwritten letter
  20. Begin writing a book
  21. Watch every movie that has won an Academy Award for Best Picture
  22. Listen to 26 songs I’ve never heard starting with each letter of the alphabet
  23. Get another tattoo
  24. Watch all six Star Wars movies
  25. Make a lemon meringue pie
  26. No dining out/fast food for one month
  27. Watch my brother get married
  28. Make pumpkin pie from scratch with real pumpkins
  29. See Les Miserables in London
  30. Have high tea
  31. Learn to use liquid eyeliner
  32. Visit a concentration camp
  33. Visit the CM’s
  34. See Ange in person
  35. Meet an MSIslander
  36. Wade into 5 major bodies of water
  37. Drink champagne at breakfast
  38. Reread the Eddas
  39. Get a 2nd fridge or freezer
  40. Knit a blanket for the living room
  41. Make 30 different kinds of cookies from scratch
  42. Watch fireworks with my husband
  43. Visit an amusement park
  44. Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  45. Make a pie on Pi Day
  46. Try 30 new recipes
  47. Knit and wear Nutkin socks
  48. Get a facial
  49. Adopt a family for Christmas
  50. Read The Catcher in the Rye
  51. Go on a family vacation
  52. Visit 10 English Heritage sites
  53. Go back to school
  54. Attend the Olympics/visit Olympic Park
  55. Visit France
  56. Visit Ireland
  57. Eat chocolate in Belgium
  58. Buy myself flowers for no reason
  59. Visit 5 new countries
  60. Go up the Eiffel Tower
  61. Meet an online friend in person
  62. Take a family vacation
  63. Buy a new pair of glasses
  64. Update my blog at least twice a month
  65. Visit Omaha
  66. Make a gingerbread house
  67. Take a yoga class
  68. Go to London
  69. Make pasta from scratch
  70. Go somewhere by train
  71. Spend Earth Day barefoot
  72. Have breakfast in bed
  73. Make bread from scratch
  74. Buy a fountain pen
  75. Visit the birthplace or gravesite of a famous person
  76. Make 5 new friends
  77. Get a spray tan
  78. Say yes to everything for a day (within reason)
  79. Spend the night in a blanket fort
  80. Make pizza from scratch
  81. Travel to Germany
  82. Go cherry picking
  83. Visit Wales
  84. Visit 5 museums
  85. Spend a day exploring and photographing my village
  86. Go on a picnic
  87. Visit Indiana
  88. Cook a Mexican meal on Cinco de Mayo
  89. String popcorn and cranberries while drinking hot chocolate
  90. Put $10 into savings for each goal I reach
  91. Donate $10 to charity for each goal I don’t reach
Total Donated To Charity:  $0.00
Total Money Saved:  $260.00